Maro Gelato 義式冰淇淋專賣店

融合台灣味的義式冰淇淋 店員超親切 很大方的讓我試吃 幾乎每個都試過了 味道都非常濃郁 吃太多的困擾就是不知道最後要選哪個好 所以我選了兩個口味:鹽味芋頭&冰雪奇梅

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鹽味芋頭 Taro

鹽味芋頭的鹹味帶出芋頭本身的甜味 吃得出芋頭粉粉的感覺 如果喜歡芋頭的話一定要試試看

冰雪奇梅 Smoked Plum

冰雪奇梅是烏梅口味 一般想到烏梅都是想到配麻辣鍋的酸梅湯 做成冰淇淋有點出乎意料 烏梅的煙燻味讓整體口味更有層次 想嘗試特別口味可以試試看

– 每日特價口味 $50*
兩球 $99
*我選了兩個口味 其中一個是每日特價口味 所以總共兩球半 $100

總共有20到60種口味 會不定期更換 很期待再去試試別的口味 店裡不大 大概有十個座位 我猜夏天的時候應該會很擠 除了冰淇淋之外 也有賣義式咖啡跟手沖單品

此食記是2018年1月的造訪經驗 未來很樂意再回訪

Maro 義式冰淇淋專賣店
週一至週五 11:30AM-8PM
週六&週日 11:30AM-6:30PM
*請到 Maro 義式冰淇淋專賣店粉絲頁 查看最新訊息

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Authentic Italian gelato made with quality local ingredients.

The staff was so lovely. She let me sample every available flavor. They were all delicious, so I order end up getting two flavors: taro and smoked plum.

Taro 鹽味芋頭
A little bit on the savory side instead of sweet. The saltiness brings out the natural sweetness. Must try if you like taro!

Smoked Plum 冰雪奇梅
This one is surprisingly good. Fascinating flavor. I usually have smoked plum juice (酸梅湯) with Sichuan mala hot pot. Compare to others, smoked plum has more depth. Perfect choice for adventurous.

Reasonable price
A cup (1.5 scopes) TW $70
– Flavor of the day TW $50*
2 scopes TW $99
*I got the flavor of the day and another flavor, TW $100 got me two and a half scopes.

There are 20-60 flavors on rotation. I am very excited to visit again. The place is quite small with about 10 seats. I guess it could be crowded during summer. They also serve coffee, both espresso and pure over.

This post is based on my experience in January 2018. Will visit again.

Maro Gelato
No. 224, Liaoning Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491
Mon-Fri 11:30AM-8PM
Sat&Sun 11:30AM-6:30PM
Cash only
*Visit Maro Gelato’s Facebook Page for updated information

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